Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Traveling Talk Show - Debut Episode!

Two girls, one small camcorder and a world full of interesting people and fascinating things. Welcome to THE TRAVELING TALK SHOW! In our premiere episode we discover a mosaic mural designed by teens, explore a soccer league for homeless men and take a ride on one of the world's longest roller coasters. Watch us on DCTV Comcast Channels 95 & 96. Watch episode 2 here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

World's Longest Floorless Roller Coaster

It's 4,210 feet long, 161 feet tall and has 5 flips. But, what's it like to ride the world's longest, floorless roller coaster? THE TRAVELING TALK SHOW seeks to find out on the Dominator at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Va. (Footage courtesy: Kings Dominion and WTOP)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Washington Hair "Roi"-alty

Attending the Salon Roi 40 th anniversary party in May, I had a chance to experience some of its history and to finally meet the talent behind it's name--Roi Barnard.

Salon Roi began operations on August 9, 1969 and has enjoyed phenomenal longevity for a hair salon and spa. Originally known as Charles The First for its co-founder Charles Stinson, the salon was the choice of well known Washingtonians in both government and media with clients like Connie Chung, Diana McClellan, Rudy Maxa and others.

In addition to founding the salon, Roi was a leading male fashion model in Washington from 1965 to 1975. At the age of 71, he looks decades younger and still reflects a burning desire to make his clients look fabulous. Some of those clients are 4th generation--practically unheard of in an industry where the average life of a client in a salon is about 3 years.

I wanted to know more about this fascinating man and how he's managed to be in business so long in the Washington landmark building featuring the Marilyn Monroe mural.

Roi was gracious enough to answer some questions about his life and career:

BeautyInDC: Roi congratulations on celebrating the 40th anniversary of Salon Roi recently, what is the secret to your longevity as a hair stylist and business owner in Washington?

Roi: I decided to take a few classes in business before actually opening the first Salon in 1969. I remember the teacher saying "If you create a happy, content staff you will attract a happy, supportive guest." I found that to be very true.

We think of the salon as a home away from home. It actually was a private home in 1908. We treat each day as though we're having a party, we are the host and the clients are our guests. We want people to leave and say "Wow, that was different!" If they do that they will be back for more. Another reason for our longevity may be that I always instruct the staff to never let the media know who our high profile clients are. All clients are treated the same here. The news worthy clients are so happy they can be normal here they actually leave security outside. Trust has served us well.

BeautyInDC: What is your philosophy and approach when styling hair?

Roi: I have always believed that hairdressing is truly part of the healing arts. It is so personal and we do have a license to touch. No amount of technology can take the place of hands on, human touch and helping another person feel good about themselves.

I listen to what my clients say about themselves, their goals, personally and professionally, their desires regarding how they want to look and live. We talk about a look for work and a look for play. My job is to keep it realistic, without taking away certain ideas they have about themselves. It is a meeting of the minds in an art form. They leave the salon and live with it until I see them again and then we go from there to the next look or goal.

BeautyInDC: How has the salon changed over the years?

Roi: Change is a funny thing. I know we've changed over the years and so has Woodley Park but it is so subtle. The biggest and most dramatic change was when I knew it was time to turn the future of Salon Roi, Inc., over to someone younger who would be perfect for the house that Salon Roi had built. I met such a person in Daiva Kastekaite. She agreed to take us into the future and I am so proud I made the right choice for leadership. She is relentless in striving for excellence. The salon is fresh and has many added services including a spa and boutique. We are positioned to go many years into the future. We have been blessed, what a ministry this business really is. I just love it!

Salon Roi 2602 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008 202-234-2668 featuring specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Not Addicted To Reality Beauty Show

TV is pretty boring in the summer with all of the reruns so it was time to check out the new Oxygen show "Addicted To Beauty", a reality show about a plastic surgery and medispa in the San Diego area.

Oxygen describes the show "A new reality workplace dramedy that pulls back the curtain on the tantalizing world of medi-spas as seen through the eyes of the larger-than-life staff at one of the country's hottest beauty enhancement facilities, Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa. "

I was curious to see if there was any similarities between the show and similar businesses in the Washington area.

In a word--NOT!!

If someone who has never been to a plastic surgeon's office or medispa of any kind sees this show they could be totally scared off by the bizarre characters who run the Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa in La Jolla, CA.

First of all just about every manager and employee at Changes looks like they went a bit over the top in the "change" department and larger than life is an apt description--wayyy too much Botox and fillers and implants and everything else they could plump or fill out!

The women on the show area a little hard to look at since they seem "off" somehow--not a great reflection on the work done there although in the doctor's defense I think a lot of the work was done over the years by many doctors.

The plastic surgeon in residence is Dr. Gilbert Lee and although he is a bit robotic he comes off as the most sane and "normal" of the crew.

In trying to expand his business he hired Dianne, a local socialite who just split from her wealthy husband, to bring her experience in running a successful spa business to Changes. Dianne appears to be a very attractive woman who has gone too far in trying to maintain a youthful appearance. She might be a few procedures away from resembling the "catwoman" in NY who has been written about for getting many surgeries to actually look like a cat.

She brought a lot of her previous staff with her and there ensues the drama since not all of them got along at the previous business.

They seem extremely petty and self absorbed and very different from the people you usually meet in doctor's offices and medispas.

The actual people I come into contact with look very natural and attractive--if they've had anything "done" it's not instantly obvious which should be the goal of any type of aesthetic procedure. In offices around the Washington area the staff is usually very caring and concerned about the client or patient--not focused on themselves or office politics as the Changes staff seems to be.

So if anything positive came out of watching the show it's a new appreciation for the high standards and quality people that I've been lucky enough to meet throughout our area in the beauty business who shouldn't "change" a thing!! featuring specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Improve Your Image To Improve Your Prospects

Just about every article and news story reminds us we're in tough economic times with jobs being eliminated or letting us know we could next on the unemployment line. So if you find yourself looking for a job or trying to keep the one you have what can give you the competitive edge? Could your appearance be the key?

Washington consultant Lynne Glassman has helped many people develop their image and style and she is offering Beauty In DC readers some of her professional expertise.

Q: Lynne what types of services do you offer?

Lynne: I offer color analysis, makeovers, face shape analysis, silhouette analysis, personal shopping, closet surgery and seminars. Check out my website for greater discussion on each of these services.

Q: Can you tell us about your background and training?

Lynne: I am a certified image consultant, professional color/silhouette analyst, personal shopper and closet surgeon with more than 15 years of experience in the world of fashion. I apply my doctoral degree in education to teaching men and women how to create their own best personal style. And my mom was in the business before me so it is in my DNA.

Q: With so many job seekers out there what is some basic advice you would give women who need to stand out among the competition when it comes to image and appearance?

Lynne: I am doing a workshop for the Smithsonian Institution on Saturday, October 24th entitled “The Power of Image: a Stimulus Package for Women” where I will be teaching participants how to establish a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. The seminar will provide the opportunity to examine your style and create the winning image you desire. See the following for more information on the seminar

Q: If a more mature candidate is competing with younger job seekers is there any special advice you would give to her?

Lynne: Style is not about beauty or age, it is about knowing and respecting yourself for who you are and having the confidence to project your unique style in a consistent and confident manner.

Q: What makeup and hair tips would you suggest?

Lynne: I work with clients to determine the best makeup colors for their skin, hair and eyes; teach them how to apply the makeup for any occasion and determine their face shape to suggest any number of hairstyles, eyewear, collars and necklines appropriate for their face shape.

Q: Are there any specific products or services you would recommend?

Lynne: I think everyone should consider getting a color analysis. No matter how you spend your time, you have to buy clothing so you may as well know which colors are most becoming for you. Color can make you look happy or sad; healthy or sickly; dynamic or dull; younger or older.

Q Are there advantages to using someone with your expertise?

Lynne: A great visual image increases self-esteem and confidence; when you know you look your best, you will walk, talk and even think differently and others will respond accordingly. A good image consultant can help you enhance your image while saving you time and precious dollars. I am trained to help you know what is most becoming in terms of clothing colors and styles as well as makeup. I can keep you from making costly mistakes. I can help you build clothing “capsules” so that you can maximize the number of outfits while using the minimum number of pieces. I am in the stores all the time so I know where you can get the highest quality of clothing and accessories while staying within your budget. No matter what your coloring, body type or proportions, I can help you project your assets and camouflage whatever you need or wish to downplay.

Lynne Glassman 4028 Mansion Ct. NW Washington, D.C. 20007

Phone: 202-338-8781 Fax: 202-338-0597

Email: , your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Enhancing Your Makeup--Permanently!

I fantasize about waking up with my makeup already done--eyeliner, eyebrows and lipliner perfectly applied and remaining that way throughout the day.

Especially during summer months when your makeup is melting and even the waterproof stuff isn't doing it's job you may really be tempted to think about permanent makeup as an option.

There are lots of reasons people do it which I discussed some with Patricia Bardavid who is founder and director of Laser Plus in Vienna and Ashburn, VA.

Patricia is an experienced RN who became an electrologist before opening Laser Plus in 1987
. Shocked at the lack of regulations governing electolysis, Patricia became internationally board certified in 1990 (CPE) so clients can be assured of the quality and professionalism when receiving treatments at Laser Plus which include laser hair removal, electrolysis, photo facials, microdermabrasion and permanent makeup.

You are instantly put at ease by Patricia's compassionate nature and impressed by her obvious passion and knowledge of her field.

Q: What exactly is Permanent Makeup?

Bardavid: Permanent cosmetics is a tattoo that is applied to the skin. Many techniques have been used for hundreds of years to beautify women!

Q: What are some of the reasons people decide to have it applied?

Bardavid: People who have lost their eyebrows or eyelashes from over plucking, over waxing or chemotherapy. People with blond hairs that don’t show up and for busy women who workout, sweat, and/or want to wake up with their makeup still in place. Also, there’s no smudging or smearing. Great for after surgery for areola enhancement.

Q: Is there any recovery or down-time involved?

Bardavid: Our Softap method is gentle. The safe non-allergenic ink is applied with a pen like tool so there is no “down time” and no bleeding or swelling. It takes about an hour. You can get it done and go to lunch or go on vacation that day!

Q: What is your training?

Bardavid: I took a 40-hour training program with SofTap in California. I’m also an R.N. so I understand sterile techniques and infection control.

Q: Is there any risk involved in getting Permanent Makeup?

Barsdavid: No, that is why it’s called SofTap, no risks. Although I will ask someone with Diabetes or serious health issues to get written permission from their doctor. For example, I did a patient with a heart transplant and the oldest patient I have ever done (eyebrow design) was an 87 year old who came in with her walker and her caretaker. She was one of my happiest patients.

Q: Is the procedure truly permanent or are touch ups required at some point?

Bardavid: Touchups vary if the patients are spending a lot of time in the sun or are Retin-A users. A touchup is needed in 5 to 7 years. If I originally did the work, a touchup costs $100.

Q: Are your clients pleased with the results?

Bardavid: Yes, thank goodness! My specialty is eyebrow design and I’m very particular that they are even and compliment the patients face and lifestyle. I have done an opera singer, belly dancers, and someone who had alopecia totalis (no hair anywhere).

Q: Can you give us an idea of cost?

Bardavid: The costs are $350 for Eyebrow design, $175 for the tails of the eyebrows, $300 for first eyeliner(upper or lower) and $200 for the second eyeliner(upper or lower).

Laser Plus Vienna, VA


380 Maple Avenue, West

Suite 301

Vienna, VA 22180 | MAP

Laser Plus Ashburn, VA


Laser Plus Services

at Body By Geoff

21690 Red Rum Drive

Ashburn, VA 20147 , your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh What A Night Of Shoes And Beauty

Clearly the women who showed up at the Stuart Weitzman store at Tysons Galleria this past Wednesday for the Head To Toe Indulgences event were smart women. They knew that getting 20 % off the gorgeous shoes and purses as well as being surrounded by jewels, champagne and free beauty services was a night they weren't going to pass up despite rain and traffic and any other obstacles in their way!

Manager Heather Baltran opened up her store to a group of women who were oohing and ahhing over the fall Stuart Weitzman collection which includes beautiful suede shoes and purses in rich jewel tones of burgundy and teal as well as hip thigh high leather boots.

While they perused the merchandise the women were treated to champagne and nibbles as well as free spa services and information from representatives of Body Elements, Indulge Mobile Spa, Vitalia Medspa and Yully Massage courtesy of

They attendees signed up drawings including gift cards to Dermedispa and $300 worth of services at Laser Plus.

There was also a lot of head turning to check out the gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and rings courtesy of Prima Moda Designs.

At the end of the night all went home happy with shopping bags in one hand and an overflowing gift bag in the other, full of spa discounts, Weitzman goodies, chocolates from the Chocolate Chick and a full size aAgeless Skin Foundation and Pigment Formula moisturizer courtesy of Dr. Michelle Copeland.

Thanks to all who attended and provided such great gifts and services.

Stay tuned for the next indulgent event!