Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lighten Up--Your Skin That Is

Summer is over, and as much as you may have enjoyed the sun and surf you may be left with some unwanted souvenirs--brown spots or uneven skin tone. Or maybe you have always had pigment issues or melasma.

There are a number of remedies including peels and lotions and has found some of the newest on the market.

The Dermatology & Clinical Skin Care Clinic in Bethesda has been having very successful results with something called the Melanage Skin Lightening System. This is a peel but it works a bit differently than some of the more popular ones. A Melanage 1 Masque will be applied during an office visit and you'll actually leave the office with the masque on and leave it on for the length of time determined by your skin type. Once you remove it there is an easy to follow but strict at-home regimen that involves the application of several Melanage products. Although most patients experience a peeling of their skin and a few days of downtime not every patient will notice this even though you are still receiving all of the benefits of the system. Those include a lightening of dark spots, improvement of skin tone and texture, stimulation of collagen production and diminishment of fine lines. A skin evaluation by the doctor prior to the peel with help predict the outcome. Price of the peel is around $850.00.

There are also some hi-tech creams on the market in all price ranges for some at home damage control.

Neutrogena has a new Tone Correcting Moisturizer that uses Retinol SA and Vitamin C to reduce the look of excess melanin and claims to fade the appearance of stubborn dark spots in just four weeks. The product sales for about $19.99.

Shiseido makes a lightening line of products called White Lucent that utilizes their Spot Deacti-Complex, Vitamin C and Asian plant extracts to diminish the appearance of spots. The line includes a Cleanser, Emulsion and Softener Lotion. The product prices range from $34 to $120.

And Kinerase claims to erase sun damage in 4 weeks with their PhotoFacials line. Clinical results showed that 89% of women noticably erased sun damage, improved skin texture and tone, wrinkles and firmness. Their main ingredients are Kojic acid, Kinetin, Minerals and Matrixyl 3000. They offer a Cleanser, Day Moisturizer and Night Moisturizer. Products average around $80 although Sephora is offering a three piece introductory kit right now that is a $143 value for $100. your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DC FASHION WEEK - Menswear Designer Andrew Nowell

Hip-Hop inspired designer Andrew Nowell previews his Spring/Summer 2010 collection at DC Fashion Week. (Location: French Embassy, Washington, DC)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Beauty Products With A Twist

Spent hours over the weekend perusing the fall fashion magazines which each seem to weigh about 10 pounds each. Of course I always zoom in on new and unique beauty products and was not disappointed. They seem to be getting more and more creative in the approach to products--either to make them more functional and or just to make them more fun!

That would be the thought behind Urban Decay, who is living up to it's name with their Pocket Rocket lip gloss. The sweet scented, highly pigmented gloss comes in a tube with a fully dressed guy encased in the applicator--until you tilt it which strips him down to his undies....and the color names let you choose your type. There's David--All Business or Doug--New School along with Julio--Hot Dad and 5 other shades. Refreshing your gloss was never so exciting! Not to mention that when you rub the tube it apparently releases mood and attraction pheromones into the air. Maybe a little early to think about Christmas but this seems like a great stocking stuffer or just a fun girlfriend gift for birthdays or batchlorette parties. These sell for $19.00 and are available at Sephora.

When the weather gets cooler maybe you'll want to relax or socialize with a nice pinot noir which tastes delicious but can leave behind red teeth stains. Bringing a tooth brush and paste in a small evening bag isn't very practical so Wine Wipes to the rescue! These small, round are orange blossom flavored and come in a compact with a small mirror. Could be a blessing and a curse since you may feel like you can drink many more glasses since you don't have to worry about wine colored teeth! Their are 3 compacts in a velvet bag for $18.00 and they can be ordered through

In the podcast with Sephora Pro Beauty Team's Jerry Hutchinson he shared some fall beauty trends with us and one of them was a more pronounced brow. Not the overplucked look of some years past but a thicker and more obvious eyebrow was seen on the runways. One way he suggested we might achieve that look on our own was Dior's Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra Fine Precision Brow Pencil. It may not sound so unique until you realize that it comes in one Universal Shade for everyone and somehow works with any skin and hair tone. The ultra fine tip makes it easy to use and a polished brow is a great finishing touch to your makeup routine. Price is $28.00 and it's available at Sephora and department stores that sell Dior cosmetics. your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama: Fired up! Ready to go!

President Obama tries to rally up support for healthcare reform with a story from his campaign trail.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September Puts The Spotlight On Yoga

Yoga keeps gaining in popularity and we're lucky to have many studios to choose from in the Washington area. During the month of September the emphasis is on this mind and body practice as we celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month

I have found that a good and dedicated instructor enhances the journey and one of the best is Hannah Willman. She has been teaching for 12 years in clubs and studios, but now mostly limits her instruction to private homes and businesses

Hannah's teaching style is based on the graceful alignment and strength of Anusara Yoga. She has studied first-hand with its founder, John Friend, and master teacher Amy Ippoliti. She believes that practicing hatha yoga should be absolutely delightful and empowering at the same time.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or thinking about starting your practice you'll benefit from the knowledge Hannah graciously shared with

Q: Hannah, since September is Yoga Awareness Month can you remind of us some of the reasons that yoga is so beneficial to our mind and bodies?

Hannah: The ancient practice of yoga is beneficial because of its incredible power to align the mind, body and spirit. When we come to the mat, we are invited to tune into the current of the breath, and in doing so, we step away from the chaos of the daily pattern of work-home responsibilities, and a step closer to our true nature: bliss. When we take the time to practice yoga, whether in the form of physical postures or meditation, we more fully sync the mind with the body, and that union (the very definition of the word “yoga”) results in greater peace and stability for our entire being. The practice of yoga quite simply leads to greater freedom by restoring the mind-body connection.

Q: Can you give us a brief description of some of the more popular types of yoga that are taught around the area?

Hannah: The Washington DC area offers many types of yoga. It is important for the new yogi to understand that ALL physical yoga falls under the broader term “Hatha Yoga.” All of the schools of yoga that the students reads about (Anusara, Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Jivamukti, etc.) are considered only one element of yoga, that of physically adjusting the body to optimally align energetic flow, via the breath. Each of those schools may have different philosophic backgrounds and founders, but they are all leading to the same goal: enhancing the mind-body connection through the physical postures of yoga.

There are many fantastic studios in this area, including Willow Street Yoga Center (Anusara), Down Dog (Bikram and Ashtanga), Tranquil Space (Various), Flow Yoga (Ashtanga), Unity Woods (Iyengar) and many more.

Q: If someone wants yoga to be part of a weight reduction and body toning regimen is there a certain type they will need to practice--are some types better than others to reach those kinds of goals?

Hannah: Yoga can be a lovely compliment to a weight reduction and body toning regimen. Depending on one’s goals, yoga could be a great start to a workout. A flowing practice, like Ashtanga, is a nice way to link the breath to the body by linking postures to warm up the body and elevate the heart rate before weight lifting. In contrast, after a 20-30 min run or session on the elliptical machine, a yoga practice focused on alignment and stability, such as Anusara, would be a nice way to return to a resting heart rate and keep the muscles open. After each, I would suggest at least five minutes to sit with the breath and send out a word of gratitude to your body and its efforts. These few quiet minutes also help to break the energy from workout mode back into either office or home mode – an important distinction!

Q: How many times a week should we practice yoga to get the maximum benefits?

Hannah: There are many opinions on this, and there really isn’t a right answer. The truth is, only the physical practice of yoga is limited to the mat. If you have a vigorous Hatha Yoga practice, like Bikram (“Hot” Yoga), it is important to allow the body to rest and restore between sessions, so definitely not every day. Like running, biking or swimming, our muscle fibers are broken down when we practice yoga, so the body needs time to heal. Adequate rest periods between yoga practices will add to greater strength and endurance in the long run. A more gentle form of yoga, or even a short morning session of sun salutations could absolutely be part of a daily regimen.

That said, the meditative part of yoga certainly can and should be practiced each day, even if it’s in the car... in traffic! Taking the time to check in with your breath and to encourage it to flow more steadily can greatly increase bodily awareness and soothe nerves.

Q: What kind of things should we look for when choosing a yoga studio or instructor?

Hannah: The most important element when choosing a yoga school, studio and instructor is that the student feels affirmed when they practice. The study of yoga should remind the student of their own worth, whether that comes from feeling strong in a pose, being challenged by breathing routine or finding oneself more focused through quiet meditation. The yoga teacher is there to help reveal one’s highest self, but that really shouldn’t be in the form of yelling or pushing into positions. (Assists are a good thing, even when strong, but the teacher should also always be listening – voice your feelings about an assist if you are uncomfortable!) Overall, the heart should warm and anxieties begin to subside when one walks into the yoga studio, even if that’s in your own living room!

Q: Can you recommend any books or tapes about yoga for those that want to learn more?

Hannah: I suggest that anyone looking for an introduction to yoga, or hoping to advance a specific aspect of their practice – like arm balances, breathing techniques or meditation – check out local workshops at Willow Street Yoga, Flow Yoga or Spiral Flight. They all have great options. Also, a wonderful way to delve deeper into practice is through a yoga retreat. The Kripalu Yoga Center (Berkshires, Massachusetts) and the Omega Institute (Rhinebeck, New York) offer a HUGE variety of yoga retreats throughout the year, geared for everything from yoga for runners to meditative gardening!)

Find more information about Hannah through her website or contact her at your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Right Brush For A Polished Look

While attending the Body Elements anniversary party I met a local makeup artist who really knows her subject. Besides making brides and all of her clients beautiful, Marti Wright has her own makeup line and a website filled with great information and beauty tips

I asked Marti if she would provide a guide for readers on using the correct makeup brush for the best results. If you've ever been made up professionally, you'll notice that they always have a box full of brushes with very specific ones for each step of the process resulting in such a polished look. With Marti's expert advice we can aspire to achieving those same results at home.

Originally from the island of Cuba, Marti (Martica) Wright has always had an eye for color and a love of adventure. Marti has been a Makeup Artist for over 15 years working with such lines as Chanel and LancĂ´me. Wanting more creative control over color and ingredients, Marti decided to take the leap and go out on her own. Together with her daughters she is now carrying her own professional line of cosmetics, Tica.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you became interested in makeup and becoming a makeup artist?

Marti: I’ve always been interested in Makeup, as a teen I was always the one putting makeup on all my friends. When I started working for Chanel and training under them I knew I had to do more!

Q: For wh
at occasions do people use your services?

Marti: I do Makeup for Brides and their wedding parties on their special day. I also do Makeup for special occasions, photo shoots for corporate brochures and advertising. I really enjoy teaching women and teens the proper techniques for applying their Makeup.

Q: Makeup artists always seem to use a lot of different brushes to apply makeup well but many of us are confused about which brush is best for what application so could you walk us through the basics of which brushes we should use for the best results?

Marti: Good quality brushes are very important to the application of Makeup; there is a definite difference on the outcome! I highly recommend the use of brushes.

The foundation brush is used by dotting your face with the foundation and then brushing it throughout, it will distribute it evenly and smoothly.

The concealer brush is also used for the Shadow Magnet which is a great product to make shadow stay on all day.

These 2 brushes have to be synthetic since the products you are applying are of creamy texture.

Shadow brushes are made of Blue Squirrel, Pony and Sable; they place and distribute the shadows on your eyelids in a beautiful and even manner. The Smoky brush is great for achieving the smoky look; it is the perfect size for the crease and corners of the eye.

The Blush and Powder/Bronzer brushes are perfectly shaped to apply the products exactly where you want them.

Q: How did
the name and idea for your cosmetic line come about and can you tell us some details about the line?

Marti: My line of cosmetics “Tica” is mineral based and very high quality at an affordable price. Tica has foundations for all skin types and colors of Shadows, Blushes, Lipsticks and Bronzers to compliment any skin tone.

For more information about Marti's services or Tica Cosmetics call
703-282-1347. Tica Beauty is open from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Eastern Time or you can email her at , your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness
with a local twist.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That Perfume Makes You Smell Thin

You may be surprised to hear there is actually something called the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. And a doctor there, Dr. Alan Hirsch has done some very interesting studies concerning scents and weight perception.

The study that came out a few years ago proved that wearing certain scents might actually help a person reduce their weight.

But the latest reseach by Dr. Hirsch shows a connection between the scent a woman wears and a man's perception of how much she weighs.

The study used one female model and 199 male volunteers 12 to 61 years old divided into 4 groups.

Each of the three male groups were assigned a certain scent and the fourth group was the control group. The scent assigned to group one was citrus floral, group two was a mixture of sweet pea and lily of the valley and three was a combination of floral and spices.

Each day one of the scents was sprayed on the model and one of the male subgroups plus the control group was asked to estimate her weight. With the citrus floral and combination of sweet pea and lily of the valley there was no difference in weight perception. But with the floral and spices scent the woman was perceived to be 4.1 pounds thinner and if the male found the scent pleasant she was perceived to be up to 12 pounds thinner than her acutal weight!

While the whole point of this study may seem to have nominal value or health benefit, Dr. Hirsch does have a point when he says that women who preceive themselves to be leaner than they are or are perceived to weigh less by others tend to be more socially active or confident which might lead to more participation in healthy activities like exercise and socialization.

I'm just wondering if the perfume companies are taking note and we'll soon see ads for the scent that makes you 12 lbs thinner overnight--and if so will there be a stampede to the perfume counter?? , your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Improve Your Image To Improve Your Prospects

Just about every article and news story reminds us we're in tough economic times with jobs being eliminated or the fear that we could next on the unemployment line. So if you find yourself looking for a job or trying to keep the one you have what can give you the competitive edge? Could your appearance be the key?

Washington image consultant Lynne Glassman has helped many people develop their image and style and she is offering Beauty In DC readers some of her professional expertise.

Q: Lynne what services do you offer?

Lynne: I offer color analysis, makeovers, face shape analysis, silhouette analysis, personal shopping, closet surgery and seminars. Check out my website for greater discussion on each of these services.

Q: Can you tell us about your background and training?

Lynne: I am a certified image consultant, professional color/silhouette analyst, personal shopper and closet surgeon with more than 15 years of experience in the world of fashion. I apply my doctoral degree in education to teaching men and women how to create their own best personal style. And my mom was in the business before me so it is in my DNA.

Q: With so many job seekers out there what is some basic advice you would give women who need to stand out among the competition when it comes to image and appearance?

Lynne: I am doing a workshop for the Smithsonian Institution on Saturday, October 24th entitled “The Power of Image: a Stimulus Package for Women” where I will be teaching participants how to establish a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. The seminar will provide the opportunity to examine your style and create the winning image you desire. See the following for more information on the seminar

Q: If a more mature candidate is competing with younger job seekers is there any special advice you would give to her?

Lynne: Style is not about beauty or age, it is about knowing and respecting yourself for who you are and having the confidence to project your unique style in a consistent and confident manner.

Q: What makeup and hair tips would you suggest?

Lynne: I work with clients to determine the best makeup colors for their skin, hair and eyes; teach them how to apply the makeup for any occasion and determine their face shape to suggest any number of hairstyles, eyewear, collars and necklines appropriate for their face shape.

Q: Are there any specific products or services you would recommend?

Lynne: I think everyone should consider getting a color analysis. No matter how you spend your time, you have to buy clothing so you may as well know which colors are most becoming for you. Color can make you look happy or sad; healthy or sickly; dynamic or dull; younger or older.

Q Are there advantages to using someone with your expertise?

Lynne: A great visual image increases self-esteem and confidence; when you know you look your best, you will walk, talk and even think differently and others will respond accordingly. A good image consultant can help you enhance your image while saving you time and precious dollars. I am trained to help you know what is most becoming in terms of clothing colors and styles as well as makeup. I can keep you from making costly mistakes. I can help you build clothing “capsules” so that you can maximize the number of outfits while using the minimum number of pieces. I am in the stores all the time so I know where you can get the highest quality of clothing and accessories while staying within your budget. No matter what your coloring, body type or proportions, I can help you project your assets and camouflage whatever you need or wish to downplay.

Lynne Glassman 4028 Mansion Ct. NW Washington, D.C. 20007

Phone: 202-338-8781 Fax: 202-338-0597

Email: , your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chris Rock talks about his new movie GOOD HAIR

THE TRAVELING TALK SHOW caught up with Chris Rock and Nia Long in Florida as they were promoting their new documentary, "Good Hair."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Body Elements Has Something To Celebrate!

In this era of hearing about many businesses closing and going under it's especially nice to celebrate a thriving one that has been sculpting area bodies for 6 years!

Body Elements in Vienna, VA has made a name for itself as THE Endermologie center and they continue to perfect the procedure and find new ways to increase results for their clients. And the clients are impressed:

"While I was skeptical at first, I am now a complete believer in Body Elements’ new Lipomassage by Endermoglogie treatments. My skin tone has improved, the cellulite on my legs has virtually disappeared, and my legs and abdomen are more toned and tighter. I’m wearing short-shorts to my exercise classes again! I’m also watching my so-called love handles melt away – before, they were starting to spill over my jeans.

To me, this is an amazing breakthrough for women in their 30’s and 40’s. The treatments are incredibly relaxing, and yet I also feel completely energized afterwards – and my pants are looser the day of the treatment! I highly recommend the treatments, and the owner and employees could not be nicer or more professional."
E.F., Vienna, VA

You're invited to Body Elements' 6th anniversary open house celebration tomorrow, Wednesday, September 2nd from 6:30 to 8:30pm. It will be an evening with Northern Virginia's leading beauty and wellness experts from Body Elements,, The Eyewear Gallery, Skintelligence, S.P.A.R.T.A. Personal Trainers, Life Style Lift, TICA Cosmetics, and Indulge Mobile Spa.

Receive free gifts, makeovers, and complimentary facials! Enter the raffle to win fabulous prizes! This is an evening not to be missed!
Bring a friend and both of you will receive a gift certificate for a half-price Lipomassage Session from Body Elements!

Marti Wright
is a licensed Makeup Artist in the Northern Virginia area and has been a Makeup Artist for more 15 years. Marti has worked with lines such as Chanel and Lancome. She is now carrying her own professional line of cosmetics, called TICA.
The Eyewear Gallery is an exclusive, full-service eyecare boutique located in The Reston Town Center. Dr. Dawn Gammon will bring a selection of fun, designer frames so that everyone can experiment with different looks. All attendees will also receive a free $50 gift card from The Eyewear Gallery!
S.P.A.R.T.A provides premium personal training services in the Metro DC area. S.P.A.R.T.A. was born out of the combination of owner, Chris Lutz's, specialized skills in the personal training field and an entrepreneurial mind. Chris will be doing free body fat assessments with skin-fold calipers.
Skintelligence will offer Latisse, the only FDA-approved prescription treatment to enhance the length, thickness and color of your eyelashes. Skintelligence will be available to discuss this product as well as a variety of other services, including injectables, laser hair removal, photo facials for rosacea and pigmentation, as well as private yoga classes.
Lifestyle Lift provides maximum results for smoother, tighter skin with minimum interruption in your life. The Lifestyle Lift® procedure takes about an hour or so, with many people seeing an immediate improvement their appearance! The quick procedure also means less expense and dramatically less recovery time compared with more invasive procedures.
Indulge Mobile Spa is the premier, upscale, eco-friendly mobile spa company providing you with top-notch spa services at your home, office or special event.

Raffle prizes include: a $50 gift for a professional makeover and lesson with Marti Wright, an eyeexam at The Eyewear Gallery, a metabolic test from S.P.A.R.T.A. Personal Trainers, and Lipomasssage by Endermologie Sessions, and much more!

RSVP with Body Elements at 703-356-6601 or email

The Anniversary Open House
Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2009
6:30pm - 8:30pm
South Tyson's Office Park
2104 B Gallows Rd
Vienna, Va. 22182 featuring specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.