Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"The Real World DC" Premiere Party

We had so much fun with real world cast member Josh Colon at Tattoo Bar for the Premiere Party of Real World DC.
TTS hosts' Vanessa and Markette sat down with Josh to talk about his newly formed band "Wicked Liquid" and how he is handling all the post premiere mayhem. While it's no secret that Josh loves the limelight we really had a good time getting to know the "Real" Josh--and as it turns out he is a very sweet guy. (he apologized in advance for offending anybody on the show or in Washington, and even gave a shout out to his mom)

Josh's "official bio" states that he is a 23-year-old Puerto Rican Italian from Philly with dreams of breaking into the music/entertainment industry. He has a weakness for the ladies and feels temptation constantly even though he has a girlfriend back home. (don't think he still does now though and he did mention that he loves Washingtonian women in fact he also mentioned something about a cougar?! You'll have to watch the show to find out more about that. But for now here are some pics to feed your appetite and stay tuned for our one-on-one (or rather two- on- one) interview with Mr. Colon himself.

Stay tuned for our interview with Josh on Comcast DCTV and online at

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


First off I wanted to say sorry guys, I've been MIA! I've been buzy working on business since this is our most busiest time of the year. Most of you know I own a graphic design business with my Tulio. Anyway, with the holiday and work, I haven't had much time for anything. But look out, I will be posting hopefully this week, if not Saturday for sure.

Thank you for all those who have stopped by, please let me know if you have any questions! SAVE me on twitter so you can reach me faster!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and my blog and what I do with my love of makeup. It really means a lot to me knowing such great people I've met, from all over. I have this huge opportunity to meet people from all over that most people couldn't dream of doing. I have met talented men and women in this field and appreciate all of you.

I just wanted to let you know that, in 2010, let's all breathe a lil easier, don't sweat the small stuff and just LIVE! LIVE our own lives, and not worry about others..focus on the positive and never let anyone bring you down. This is your life... it's yours.. forget about the people who don't support you.. just know I do! Whatever you love to do, keep doing it..Happy New Years and may all your dreams be possible this new year.

<3 Happy NEW YEAR!
Alejandra aka Queenbmakeup

this is so cute! reminds me of my CAT "Chango" (Monkey in spanish).. not that he drinks champagne lmao...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Discovering Your Personal DC Style

You schedule regular beauty appointments so you're skin, hair, nails and body will project the best image to the people you meet. But what about your clothing and accessories--what do they say about you?

Image consultants can offer valuable advice and services to make sure you're entire appearance is sending the right message. I caught up with one local expert to explore the ways we can have it all together from head to toe.

Celena Gill, AICI www. is an image consultant, etiquette trainer and executive trainer who combined her experiences in education, fashion, beauty, law, business and communication to establish Style DC, LLC, an image consulting firm based in Washington.

Q: Celena, if someone can't afford high priced designer clothes and accessories do you have some tips on how to look trendy without spending a fortune?

A: Most of the trends that you see on the runway and on your favorite celebrities can be found in your local retail and franchise stores. Many stores have a "dress for less" version of higher-priced trendy items.

Bargain basement stores such as Filene's Basement, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx have "recessionista" prices for the frugal yet trendy shopper. Also, stores such as Express, The Limited, Forever 21, Gap, and Banana Republic have lower priced versions of the looks seen on the runways.

Additionally, department stores like Macys, Nordstroms, JC Penny, Bloomingdale's usually have the higher priced and lower-priced versions of the latest trends to contrast and compare. If you are looking for high designer/couture fashion or accessories, try the clearance store versions of luxury department stores like Sak's Off Fifth Avenue or Nordstom Rack.

An easy way to find lower priced frocks is to simply ask the salesperson. I always advise my clients to create a "look book" of the trends that they love. Then, take it to one of the bargain stores and have a sales assistant help you find the pieces. They will work their hardest to find the items and make a sale!

Q: Are there some key pieces of clothing we should have?

A: I believe that there are key pieces that every person should have in their wardrobe. Each woman should have one of the following:a blouse, a pair of slacks,a pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater, a dress, and a great pair of heels. All of these items must be suited for their body type and proportions.

If you can only choose one of these, make sure that you have a great dress. It doesn't have to be a LBD, but it does have to be wearable to both a professional or social event with the exchange of a few accessories (to make it appropriate).

Q: Which items are better to splurge on and which ones can we get away with finding less expensive versions of?

A: You should always splurge on your shoes and outerwear. Your feet have to be comfortable, especially if you are in a profession where you might walk for a good portion of the day.

Shoes, if worn and maintained properly, can last throughout your entire adult lifetime.(Great way to save money!)

Additionally, outerwear should be of the best quality that you can afford. Your outerwear should be a mix of classic pieces that will last the test of time...and fashion trends.

Q: What are the advantages of hiring an image consultant?

A: Within the first seven seconds that someone looks at you, perceptions are created about your intelligence level, your profession, your educational background, your home neighborhood, the type of car you drive, etc. If a picture is a thousand words, don't you want your picture to say exactly what you intend it to say?

An image consultant can assist you in creating that picture and assist you in discovering your own personal style. You are a visual brand of your goals and objectives. If your visual look is not aligned with your stated goals, it creates confusion to those who you meet. When you look great, with the proper fit and proportion, wearing the colors best suited for feel great and act with confidence.

You can read Celena's blog called Strictly Fabulous at
You can contact her through her website or by calling 202-340-1895. your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Skin Tight For the New Year!

As you make your New Year's party plans and even ponder your resolutions for looking great in 2010, you might like to know your options to take care of a number of aging skin issues. Most of us want a nice , tight jawline, less wrinkles and age spots. And we'd like to do it quickly and in the least invasive way.

It gets confusing sorting out all the different options but Kim Asack, who is a master aesthetician at Vitalia Medspa in Falls Church gave me a great description of their skin tightening procedure called ReFirme plus some other services that you can use for a complete anti-aging program.

Q: What is your training in skin care?

A: I have had a Va. Cosmetologist license for over thirty years. Skin care and laser treatments have always been covered under that license until recently, but I have been "grad fathered in" to being a master aesthetician based on the years of experience of being one the the most experienced technicians nationally.
I received laser training starting in 1999, when I attended Light Speed Institute, in Naples Fl. It was one of the first laser schools that opened nationally.
I have attended more than 40 aesthetic medical conferences since that time to keep up with the newest technology and techniques.

Q: What is the ReFirme? What steps and products do you use?

A: ReFirme is considered a medical procedure. It is used predominately on faces to tighten skin with the use of radio frequency.

It can also be used in other areas for instance the abdominal post pregnancy.

The class two medical device has a hand piece that emits a polarized current over the surface of the skin that tightens skin. It slides over an aloe vera gel that acts as a conductor to create a thermal reaction to effectively tighten lax skin. It's particularly effective on the lower jowl area and neck and is safe enough to be used on upper eye lids.

I tend to treat one side on the face for about 30 minutes and let the patient see the difference which is subtle, but very effective.

I give realistic expectations during consultations. It's not a face lift by any means but it is safe, comfortable and works consistently on all skin types.

In my opinion, it is by far the most effective skin tightening treatment on the market for those who are not wanting a surgical procedure.

Q: Who is a good candidate for one--what skin type or problems would they have?

A: Anyone who is concerned with loose skin. ReFirme is safe for all skin types.

As skin ages, skin become lax, sags, and has spots (broken veins, lines, age spots, sun damage).

Most patients over the age of 40 most likely would be a good candidate for a combination laser series that would address all the aspects of aging.

That would be ReFirme (for sagging) Skin rejuvenation (for spots)and Matrix (for lines).

Skin rejuvenation is our only tool that may not recommend to our darker skin patients.

Q: What is the cost?

A: A combination package cost approximately $1800. It would be customized for the patients concerns.

ReFirme alone cost $450 per treatment or a package of 5 can be purchased for $1800.

Both are an excellent value.

Q: How will your skin look after wards--will there be any redness or blotchiness or can you get one right before an event?

A: These are considered "no down time" treatments". Only a slight pinkness may happen in the very short term.

Make up can be applied following the treatment.

Q: How often should you get treaments for optimal results?

A: It is recommended a patient receive three to five treatments based on how lax the skin is and the age of the patient. The treatments are spaced three weeks apart.

After the original series a the patient is recommended to maintain the tightness with a one time treatment every six months.

Vitalia Medspa 7506
Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22043
703-356-SKIN (7546) your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Cherry Culture 20% Off!!

Girls and Boys! Time to shop!! woooo!

Monday, December 21, 2009

TTS Host Vanessa takes the plunge in Las Vegas!


And takes the ultimate plunge -- no she doesn't get married at an Elvis-themed wedding chapel -- she jumps out of a plane thousands of feet in the air!

Remember Markette on the
world's longest floorless roller-coaster?
But these daredevils aren't letting anything stand in their way--not a roller-coaster or 15,000 feet...See Vanessa take the plunge

Sunday, December 20, 2009

TTS Gets a Makeover!

Holiday Party look featuring Brenda & I

First of all, isn't my friend beautiful!! Uhhh can you say jealous much? lol her skin is flawless, I had to use no liquid foundation, just concealer, and a buff of powder. AND her brows! sooo nice! But ughhh.. good genes help! You should see her mother! she looks like 30 years old! I was fortunate to get long lashes but pores of comet holes lmao!! anyway...

As you all know, I do schedule appointments for makeup jobs for all types of events. My girl friend Brenda was going to a Holiday party for her work and wanted to look extra special.

She bought this dress ( But her's was sleeveless) from Torrid. It was so cute! So I wanted to pair of a hot Magenta lip to stick out from the black and white. I wanted to do more of a pink bright lip, then a red lip. I figured many girls would be doing a red lip, but I still wanted her to stand out. I still gave her the option to try both, but in the end we both knew the hot magenta lip was it! I also didn't want her to apply the lipstick (I'm wearing below) till she got there. I like to have my clients have a fresh lip, if they can when they show up to the event. So that's why we don't have a picture of her in the hot lip. I did the same look that day so I could have a try and fell in love with the colors I used on her.I also did her eyeshadow a light color to focus more on the hot lip.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or booking hit me up at

What I used:
Urban Decay Primer
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Vanilla Crush" (brow highlight)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Fairy Wings" (tear ducts)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Posh" (lid)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Intuition" (middle of lid)<--gorgeous!!
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Pure Bliss" (Crease softly blended into vanilla crush)
NARS eyeshadow in "Surabaya II" (crease over Pure Bliss & lower lashline)
NARS eyeshadow in "Galapagos" (patted on top of everything in the outer V)
NYC liquid eyeliner in "black" (lid)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in "Bourbon" (waterline)

Bare Essentials "Clear Radiance" (Cheek Highlight) <--- gorgeous!
Heavenly Naturals blush in "Blushing #10" (blush)
MAC bronzing powder in "Refined Golden" (Contour/ whole face)
Revlon Beyond Natural concealer & highlighter in "Light/Medium"(face, needed concealing areas) <--- a must have I love this and use it everyday! Motives concealer in "Light" (under eye) <--for that airbrushed look!! Prestige Perfectly Matte Translucent Powder in "pp-07A Honey" (buffed in with a kabuki) Motives 10 years younger setting spray (over all face)
Miliani lipgloss (she's not sure since it rubbed off but any light pink will do) I recommend "Glitz and Glam" by Milani ..that would be beautiful.

My Lips-
Prestige lipstick in "Paradise"
NYX lipgloss in "Gold Pink"

To purchase Heavenly Naturals please visit:

Few more days of SHOPPING!!

Click the banners to visit for huge savings girls!! Get more for less is what I say! I thought I would pass this info on to you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1 Eyeshadow & 2 Lipstick choices (Holiday Green)

I wanted to give the option for a two for one look, for those who want to feel bold but still in season for the holiday. I paired the look with two lip choices for you to grab inspiration from. If you want to go red for a bold, glamourous holiday look or nude for a hot & sexy eye grabbing look. You don't always have to use the same items I do, just come up with whatever makes you happy! I hope you like!


Heavenly Naturals eye primer
NYX eye pencil in "Black Bean" (all over lid blended into crease)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Sea Dragon" (lid & lower lashline)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Fairytale" (Crease)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Lucky" (under brow highlight)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Vanilla Crush" (brow highlight)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in Heavenly Naturals pigment in "DreamGirl" (top lashline)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in "Zero" (waterline)

Heavenly Naturals blush in "Blushin' 13"

-- (Red) Sally Hansen lip lacquer in "#70 Poppy"
-- (Nude) Mac lip liner in "Strip Down"
Heavenly Naturals lip gloss (upcoming color!! stay tuned!)
Revlon lip gloss in "Gold Bling"

To purchase Heavenly Naturals please visit:

Loreal Hip Duo & Urban Decay (Olive Greens & Golds)

I hope everyone is having a good week thus far! I'll be updating a lot this week, and hopefully have some more Holiday looks going. Please feel free to comment, and leave any requests!

Anyway, I hope you guys like this look. I really enjoy Loreal Hip Duo's a lot. They are very cheap (Target $5.50) for two very pigmented eyeshadows. I stand by these suckers. I have a lot of them and will be posting a blue/green look soon using a new holiday one!

What I Used:
Heavenly Naturals eye primer

Loreal Hip Duo in "Riotous"
---(Lime/Olive-ish Green in lid & mirrored on lower lashline)
---(Deeper Oliveish lol on outer crease & lower lashline)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Sellout" (Brow highlight)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Half Baked" (middle of lid pressed lightly over olive green on lid)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Twiced Baked" (to darken crease but u don't need to add)
Prestige eye liner in "Sage" (Waterline)
LA COLORS liquid eyeliner in "Brown" (lid)

Heavenly Naturals blush in 'Blushin' 13"

Revlon lip gloss in "Coral Glow"

Great Skin Between the Pages

Why have you heard the names Rodan + Fields? Do the words infomercials, ProActiv or acne solution ring any bells...

They are actually renowned female dermatologists
Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who developed that well known product and now have a direct selling brand of prestige skin care products to combat everthing from sun damage to aging to rosacea and acne.

Since they're California based getting an appointment might be tough, but the next best thing is their new book "Write Your Skin A Prescription For Change."

The inspiring idea behind it is that no matter whether you are 18 or 81 you can change your skin's destiny--nice to hear to those of us who baked in the sun one too many summers as teenagers.

Rodan + Fields' philosopy is that we can gain control over our skincare issues and it's easier than we think. And that once we do we'll be transformed by the gain in self esteem and confidence.

It's a big challenge but the doctors do it all through case studies, charts, lists, interactive exercises and insider tips.

Here are some of the key points that the book addresses:

** How to assess your complexion like a dermatologist
** What the most common skincare concerns are and options for treatment
** How to combat the key aging culprits
** How to reverse sun damage and restore a healthy, clear, even-toned complexion
** About the latest cosmetic procedures and if they are right for you
** When to self-treat and when to visit a dermatologist

It really is a pretty universal concern that spans so many age groups so it's another idea for stocking stuffers or holiday gifts to family, friends and co-workers.

The book is getting good reviews and is available in book stores and Amazon for $24.95 but you can get a copy free in a special promotion going on through December. Become a Rodan + Fields skincare preferred customer and order $150 or more of products through December 31 and receive the book, "Write Your Skin A Prescription for Change."

You can order from a local consultant by going to the website or emailing your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Great Values (Ulta Savings!)

Check out the coupons and great values below!! All banners are clickable to site.

There are some great things on sale, free samples, and tons of savings at Ulta stores or I love shopping from Ulta because they always having free items with your purchase. From drugstore to higher end make up companies, you are always getting a deal. I go to get my Revlon Colorstay there because, they always have "Revlon buy 1 get 1 free" sales. I love that, because I tend to buy my brushes at the same time. Revlon brushes are a great product as well!! I use them more than my MAC brushes!

I hope you can use this info to find some nice affordable items for your favorite make up lover. I'm sure you'll find something you love! <3

Anyway, I just wanted to pass on this info to you guys! Let me know what you are getting for the holidays!

To check out the great values visit here!

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Teal w/ Purples (Exposed Organics)

I hope everyone's weekend was great! We had a wonderful weekend, catching up on sales, finding gifts and running errands. We picked up some donuts this weekend. We had some milk with the donuts, and sat by our Christmas tree as a family. It was really nice and relaxing to take in some nice family time around the tree. I looove the smells of Christmas!

What I Used:
Heavenly Naturals eye primer

Exposed Organics in "Angel" (mixed w/ Serayge tear ducts & mirrored on lower lashline)
Exposed Organics in "Serayge" (middle of lid & mirrored on lower lashline)
Exposed Organics in "Nymph" (under brow highlight mixed into crease)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Twice Baked" (crease)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Sellout" (brow highlight)
NYC liquid liner in "Black (lid)
Urban Decay 24-7 liner in "Covet" (waterline & lower lashline to smudge out)


MAC blush in "Eversun"

Sally Hansen lip lacquer in "Ginger 20"
Motives lip pencil in "Tender"

To purchase Exposed Organics please visit:

To subscribe to her twitter at: