Friday, February 26, 2010

The Inspiration for Hometown Beauty Lines

The beauty industry is such a profitable and growing industry, it would be logical and maybe a little cynical to assume anyone who creates a line of beauty products is in it for the money.

And I'm sure in many cases you would be quite accurate in your assumption.

But in the stories of five
women from the Washington area with their own product lines, it seems that many other factors came into play and the only green anyone mentioned was strictly in the organic sense.

Here are five women, five different product lines and their inspiration for wanting to make the world a more beautiful place.

Honi Borden is the founder of
Holeco® Wellness Medi Spa, the first holistic/non-toxic, green medical spa in the U.S. recognized as green by Green America. So it's no surprise her holeco® life line of products is in keeping with her values:

"I was inspired to start my own product line after years of working in the beauty industry and noticing how many toxins were in all of the products. From personal pain of watching my family suffer, years of research, and experiencing as a direct effect on our health, I chose mindful non-toxin living. When I opened my own holistic medi spa, I decided to carry only non-toxic products and preferably those made from organic ingredients. After two years of working on my own product line, I am excited to say that holeco® life will be launched this Spring. Our products are hand-made from 100% natural ingredients/preservatives and are packaged with eco-friendly materials. A portion of our proceeds also go to support the International Lifeline Fund Projects, which provides clean water and fuel efficient stoves in developing countries in Africa. I am so thrilled to have this amazing line of eco-friendly beauty products that respects your health, protects the environment & helps improves the lives of those in need."

Sara Damelio is another local woman whose Skincando product line came about from her personal experiences and frustration with what was commercially available. It even led to a career change:

"I had problem skin since I was a freshmen in High School. It became a goal of mine
to heal it using expensive beauty products from Nordstrom. Every weekend I would go and ask for samples from the different counters like Clinique, Ernest Lazlo and Perscriptives. Nothing worked! After college, I moved to DC as an unpaid intern at The National Geographic and worked part time at EFX. EFX (now BlueMercury) was a luxury beauty product mecca. I was finally able to use the products of my dreams and was excited to reap the promised rewards of beautiful skin. Unfortunately, I ended up in debt and with skin that was redder, more broken out and irritated. During my breaks at the Geographic, I began to research skin care ingredients and what women of other cultures used on their skin. I found that a lot of common ingredients found in beauty products were toxic and known irritants and that women in other parts of the world used natural ingredients like yogurt, honey & spices on their skin. A few weeks later, I started making my own pure organic moisturizer at home and giving it to friends and family to try. The response was great and 10 years later grew into Skincando, inc with Combat-Ready Balm as our top selling product."

For Lucy Enniss, founder of elliott's ethos it was her love of animals that influenced the ingredients in her line of skin, hair and bath products:

"My inspiration comes from my devotion as an animal welfare advocate. For years, I have stood in drugstore and grocery store aisles reading the backs of personal care product bottles to see if the manufacturer and distributor where cruelty-free. If the information was ambiguous, I would scour the internet to find the answers. With more and more organic markets opening and consumer awareness on the rise, the search has become easier. In those past and present internet searches I found a whole world of small business making organic, natural, cruelty-free and vegan products. I decided to join that world. Elliott’s Ethos products state clearly on the front that products are cruelty-free (no more reading tiny print on the back labels for me!). Soaking in a bubble bath can be even more relaxing with a clear conscience. "

Having worked in the beauty industry and having knowledge of what was out there, Luise Estelle felt something was missing. As a result she created her organic line of Estelle Naturals to address anti-aging:

"I have been working in the skincare industry for years and was always intrigued by different lines and their benefits. It was not easy finding a natural line that also had anti-aging benefits. After doing an extensive amount of research, I found ingredients which are natural, yet will
boost collagen and have anti-aging benefits. Creating such a line has been my passion. I believe that in the near future going all natural and green is the way to go in every area of life. It is a healthier way of living."

Zosimos Botanicals
is an extensive line of organic makeup, skin and hair products created by former trademark attorney Linda Stein. Linda see
ms to have found her true calling promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle:

"Knowledge of the harmful effects of drugstore brands of personal care products inspired the creation of Zosimos Botanicals' line of cosmetics and skincare. Wearing eye makeup resulted in painful swelling and when my sister used soap her hands peeled. I want to educate women on the existence of harmful ingredients, and provide alternatives to mass-produced cosmetics. Plus, the career path I was on didn't allow an outlet for my need to please others. No one thanked me for the work I was doing. Now, people are genuinely happy to find Zosimos Botanicals almost every day." your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Like, When is LC Coming to DC?

So, we were all set to go hang with Lauren Conrad at her book signing at the Borders in Fairfax when - KERPLUNK! The big snow happened. Roads shut down, shopping malls closed and LC from the OC was stuck in NYC...

....As a result our interview got cancelled! :(

But the good news is that I called Lauren's peeps and got them to hook up DC 50 with 5 autographed copies of her new book, "Sweet Little Lies"! So enter to win a FREE copy of the book (which, BTW, I read cover to cover during all those snow days!)

And stay tuned.... we are still trying book the interview! -M

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TTS Loves You, Baby!

The Traveling Talk Show is hard work, but sooo
much FUN! From skydiving in Vegas to a wild roller coaster ride, it's been quite an adventure since we started in July... and we plan to keep on movin' forward.

Won't you join us on our journey?

Stay tuned as we are planning some NEW and EXCITING things for 2010 -- including major celebrity interviews, more frequent hyper-local content, and a total overhaul of our blog.

Thanks to all of our Fans, Fam & Friends for your support!


M and V

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Monday, February 22, 2010

WACKY Interview with Matthew Lesko

Check out the behind the scenes madness from our interview with Matthew Lesko (

Go to to see the actual interview.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beauty Damage Control from Snowmegeddon!

Maybe you had to shovel out your sidewalk and your car in sub-freezing temperatures with the wind howling around you...and maybe with this crazy winter you've had to do it more than once.

Unless you were in a bubble or wearing a ski mask and had every inch of skin covered, you might be feeling and seeing the effects of overly dry skin, hair and lips. They may all be in need of some major repair with products that are designed to fix the damage. found these super charged products especially designed to add moisture where you really need it and fast!

Before you even apply your moisturizer you might need to change your cleanser to meet the needs of your parched skin. Although you want your skin clean you don't want to end up with that tight feeling. Bioelements Moisture Positive Cleanser calms, hydrates and refreshes your skin all at the same time. The product contains all natural herbs and oils like ginseng, sage and rosemary. Locally you can buy it at Salon Roi for $27.00 or order it from their online store at

Since even normal skin may be exhibiting redness and sensitivity during this harsh winter, a product formulated especially for sensitive skin may be your key to survival till spring!
Rodan & Fields Dermatologists Soothe line of products strengthen your moisture barrier and have been clinically proven to reduce redness and irritiation within 5 minutes of application. The line includes a cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer and in the case of urgent skin irritation, a hydrocortisone lotion. You can purchase the Soothe regimen including three of the main products for $133.00 from local consultant Carol Price Adgerson at

Guess I should have been better about wearing gloves as I've noticed my hands have really taken a hit this winter. In searching for a product that can repair cracked and chapped skin I discovers Mario Badescu's Elasto-Seamoillent Hand Cream. This product uses Vitamin E to both repair and protect from future damage especially if you're washing your hands often to try to avoid getting a bug. For a really intense treatment apply liberally and put on beauty gloves before you go to bed. It's only $8.00 for 4 oz. and available at Beauty 360 in DC

Avon has a body lotion that says it can boost your moisture by up to 700% and it's all for a bargain price of $5.99 on sale--I think I need to stock up! It's called Moisture Therapy Ultra Skin Renewal Body Lotion. It says it will start working on contact and help with the redness and itchiness that can result if you've been getting relief from the cold by lots of hot showers and baths. Use it twice a day for best results. Available at

Lips are especially vulnerable and in need of extra attention during any winter, not to mention one for the record books. Boscia Jujube Salve Stick can even fix damage that has already been done. Jujube fruit and macadamia oil actually encourage cell regeneration as other ingredients offer relief and nourishment. A tube is $18.00 and available at Sephora or

Of course we can't forget our hair--the dry air and cold temperatures can lead to a limp and listless locks. If you watch QVC you may have seen a line of products whose main ingredients are derived from the rainforest. Ojon has a very mysterious and exotic image but they also have a beauty winner in their Restorative Hair Treatment. This intensive deep conditioner includes a comb to distribute and is made up of 100 percent palm nut oil. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and it promises to restore your hair to shiny, silky, manageability. Available from QVC at for $49.00. your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Cosmetic Treatments Under $500

The economy may be improving a bit but you’re probably still being cautious about the money your budget for clothes and beauty services.

With that in mind made it a point to find 5 products and services that can brighten your skin, shave years off your face, shorten your makeup routine and increase your confidence! Since the sky is the limit when it comes to improving our looks, the challenge was to keep each treatment under $500.

Here are 5 that you can do easily and with little recovery or downtime.

1) Reducing Wrinkles with Botox or Dysport—These are injected into the underlying muscles to relax them and reduce wrinkles. They’re used most widely in the area between your eyes on “frown” lines; forehead wrinkles and “crows” feet. Prices vary widely but an average cost to relax one problem area is around $350.

2) Permanent Makeup Application—If you have dreamed about waking up and looking great without having to apply makeup then permanent makeup might be for you. Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattoo with natural pigments to form lip liner, eyeliner or eyebrows. As the name implies the results are permanent and will not wash or rub off so you’ll have less steps to your makeup routine. A typical cost for permanent lip liner is around $500.

3) Q-Switched Laser—if sun damage and brown spots are a concern the Q-Switched laser is a cutting edge procedure that emits short, higher pulses of light to remove spots, tattoos and improve the look and brightness of your skin. It’s an anti-aging treatment that starts at an average of $200 per session but you may need multiple sessions for optimal results.

4) Latisse—this solution was approved by the FDA in 2009 to help improve the look of eyelashes by making them fuller, thicker and darker. A prescription for an average of $99 is applied on the upper eyelid near the base of the lashes. You should start to see results in a month with the full effect achieved in about 4 months.

5) Facial Peel—Much more than a facial, a chemical peel is a treatment which involves an acid peel applied to remove the damaged, outer layers of the skin. They’re used to enhance and smooth the texture of the skin and can help with acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles or uneven pigmentation. Prices will vary based on the strength of the peel but they start around $150 on average.

If you decide you want to try any of the products or services mentioned it’s important to find a board certified doctor or licensed aesthetician to make sure you get the best and safest results.

You can find professionals and special deals on these services at your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Skin & Hair Solutions Are the Goal at Laser Plus!

Lasers are being used for so many skin and unwanted hair problems these days and there is a place in Northern Virginia that specializes in solutions. Not only does Laser Plus in Vienna, VA offer laser hair removal and IPL photo-facials but they are also one of the premier centers in our area for electrolysis--a treatment we don't hear as much about these days but may be needed in combination with laser hair removal to treat certain areas.

Having opened their doors almost 26 years ago, Laser Plus has professionals on staff who are licensed and are always keeping up with the latest technologies.

One of those professionals, Naiema Riaz is sharing some her expertise with so we can choose the best anti-aging skin and hair removal treatments to suit our needs.

Q: Naiema what is your background and training?

A: I am a licensed Skin Therapist and a Certified Electrologist with over 15 yrs of experience. I owned my own business in Toronto, Canada and moved with my family to the US 10 yrs ago. I have worked with various skin types and am continually taking education classes or seminars to increase my knowledge in skin care and permanent hair removal.

Q: What are some of the skin therapies offered at Laser Plus?

A: At Laser Plus we offer Laser Hair Removal, electrolysis, Permanent Make-Up, Small Vein Removal, Tooth Whitening, IPL (photo facials), and Microdermabrasion.

We are very excited to be introducing Skin Care. We have added an all organic skin care line and now offer various facials but specialize in problematic skin care.

Q: If someone is focused on an anti-aging skin care and wants to improve the look of their skin what type of laser treatment would you suggest?

A: I would suggest they go for an anti-aging photo facial or IPL skin rejuvenation. IPL (intense pulsed lighting) uses a laser light to target spots, freckles, broken capillaries, rosacea and it also stimulates collagen production which in turn helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Loss of collagen and elastin fibers in our skin leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Within a few more treatments (approx 3-5) treatments, a client can see smoother firmer skin and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: Is there any down time or recovery time needed for the IPL Photo Facial?

A: This is the best part of IPL photo facials- No down time! You can come in on your lunch hour, have the treatment done and return to work with little or no side effects to worry about. The most important thing to do is apply SPF.

Q: What types of improvements can someone expect from IPL—will it improve wrinkles and brown spots?

A: If a client has brown spots, sun damage, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, or acne skin, a series of 3-5 sessions can improve and/or eliminate these conditions. As skin ages, we start to loose collagen and elastin fibers which cause the age spots,broken capillaries and fine lines. The IPL coagulates or shrinks the brown spots by heating the area and targeting the melanin (color), gradually making them lighter and eventually disappear.

Q: Tell us a little bit more about electrolysis and what problems you can solve with this treatment?

A: Electrolosysis is my love. Electrolysis is the only safe, permanent, and medically approved method of hair removal. A very fine probe is inserted into the pre which is a natural opening in our skin that contains the hair follicle and then the hair is removed with forceps. A good electrolysis treatment is one in which you don’t feel any tugging, pulling, or tweezing. The treated hair should gently slide out. Electrolysis is safe for any body part from head to toe.
It does take a few more treatments before results are obtained depending on previous hair removal methods. Our electrologits can do a consultation for you and help you choose whether you are a good candidate for electrolysis.

Laser Plus 380 Maple Avenue, West Suite 301 Vienna, VA 22180 703-281-1877 your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink Valentine's Day Look

Hey loves!! I made a quick pink smokey eye for you in time for Vday. I know there are 6565496565325181365 videos on youtube right now for tutorials lol so I decided to keep it sweet and simple.

I really love this "Heart Breaker" pigment by HN. It's so gorgeous in person. It looks flat and white on the pictures.. but in person the duo chrome is fabulous. It's a light pinkish/sparkle/iridescent color and very original. I don't think I have a color close to this. It really is beautiful in the sun.

Again, I'm using Sigma Makeup eyeshadow in "Indian Girl". I really do love this color it works with everything and just like MAC eyeshadow "Satin Taupe" it's perfect for smokey eyes.

I hope to do some more looks and do this live Thursday night for all of you! Please let me know your thoughts!

What I used:

Heavenly Naturals Duo tone pigment in "Heart breaker" (tear ducts & mirrored on lower lash line)
Ben Nye eyeshadow in "Azalea" (middle of lid to outer v blended up and mirrored on lower lash line)
MAC Stately Black (crease and outer v area over Azalea but not to much, just to get a little pink to pop through)
Sigma Makeup eyeshadow in "Indian Girl" (under brow highlight)
NYX eyeshadow in "Black" (to darken crease)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Vanilla Crush" (brow highlight)

Heavenly Naturals blush in " Blushing 10"

Sally Hansen lip lacquer in "Orchid"
Revlon lip gloss in "Gold Bling"

Turquoise Smokey Eye featuring "Athena" :D

On our way out to have some good dancing fun, my friend Athena asked if I had any blue green eyeshadow to match the earrings we designed! I sure did!! I love Ben Nye's eyeshadow and Turquoise is my total favorite, so I knew I had to use it on her. She also wanted it to be bit of a smokey eye, so I threw in my favorite versatile eyeshadow in "Indian Girl."

I did this super fast and I think she looks soo beautiful with these colors. My friend was poppin'! I also loved the cute flower she was sportin' as well. Please let me know what you guys think! Thanks guys.

What I used:
Ben Nye eyeshadow in "Turquoise" (Lid blended into crease)
Sigma Makeup eyeshadow in "Indian Girl" (crease blended into brow highlight)
NYX eyeshadow in "Alaska" (outer corner to darken a little)
NARS eyeshadow in "Kilimanjaro" (brow highlight & tear ducts) or anything with a vanilla with gold base.
Black liquid liner on lid
Urban Decay liner in "zero" (waterline)

Cheeks: Heavenly Naturals blush in "Blushin 13"

Lips: use any gloss you like!

NATURAL FANTASY (using only one shadow/pigment)

I wanted to create a super fast look keeping it natural with a pop of color. I am wearing no eyeshadow on my eye lid only on my lower lashline. I have my lid prepped with concealer and a lil bit of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, just to keep a soft base and even color on the lid.

There are a lot of people who look for super fast looks and literally I did this in 5 minutes. Don't feel afraid to use a bright color on your lower lashline. I think it looks beautiful and can really pull your look together. Play up your regular days with some color! I hope you enjoy.

What I used:

Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Fantasy" (lower lash line over urban decay liner)
Urban Decay liner in "Covet" (waterline and lower lash line for pigment base)

Heavenly Naturals blush in "Blushin' 13"

My new favorite!!! It's by Milani it's also a duo lipstick/lipgloss combo.
Milani #801 " Two Perfect" Pretty Pair


The other night I went to my friend Vero's 4 Year Anniversary party at a club here in the Bay Area. It was so much fun and I'm so glad to see my friends who I didn't see in a long time. I've been so busy with work, and my friends as well it's hard to get all together.

Anyway, I hope you like this look. I wanted to do something to of course match my shirt ;D but also something smokey and hot! Sorry about the pictures, I was on my way out with friends and didn't take a huge amount. Let me know what you think!

What I used:
MAC Greasepaint stick (lower lashline & lid blended up into crease)
Sigma Makeup eyeshadow in "Indian Girl" (crease blended up into brow highlight and lower lashline)
Heavenly Naturals pigment in "Panic" (lid only)
MAC eyeshadow in "Cloud Burst" (crease)
MAC eyeshadow in "Vanilla" (brow highlight)

Heavenly Naturals blush in "Blushin' 10"

NYX lipstick in "Thalia"
Sally Hansen lip lacquer in "Orchid"

Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm so sorry I've been MIA! I've been so busy with work and work means money. lol Right now with our grandmother we take care for.. we have to help my mom out as much as possible. I appreciate all the supportive comments and appreciate knowing you guys understand!

I will have more looks this week.. hopefully some live tutorials, and vday looks!
I'll be having some more reviews featuring Sigma brushes and more!

Thanks again my makeup friends.. what's going on with you? Even though I don't always comment I do always read what you have to say! :D Have a great week.. come back for updates!

Recreation from Youtube Beautiful Deannario!

Deannario has done it again! Beautiful in Heavenly Naturals she was inspired by a look I did back in November. Her tutorial is easy and I suggest you guys take a quick minute to check it out. These colors do such awesome eye play with her eye color. I could die for green or hazel eyes.. ahh.. welp we can't have everything ;D Anyway, please check out the video and subscribe!

I really love to see everyone's make up recreations so please don't be shy and email me today at!!

Please check out her tutorial below!

The look she was inspired by..

To see what I used visit here: Furious Divinity Look

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Is at The Spa This Valentine's Day

Whether you want to get some pampering with your Valentine or get beautiful for them there are some fun and unique services and specials and events leading up to February 14th and beyond! has rounded up some of the unusual as well as some of the incredibly reasonable beauty and relaxation treatments you should book today to avoid the rush...some spas are reporting that their couple's appointments are almost gone so don't hesitate if you and your guy want to play together.

Leading up to the big day are some events to help you pucker up and get sexy.

On February 9th Rockledge Medspa will offer a Love Your Lips event with a Jane Iredale lip makeover. The makeup artist will exfoliate your lips and show you ways to line and make them look full and luscious.

February 13th is a Body Elements Sexy Saturday Event If you want to look great in that special lingerie you bought for a Valentine's getaway they'll have special $75 Lipomassage by Endermologie treatments with body masque to improve the look of cellulite and look slimmer plus aTica makup experts to help you find a fun look. There will also be specials, giveaways and gift bags.

Qi Spa in DC has a way to literally show your love for an entire year--it's a semi-permanent heart tatoo(see example at right). It's only $85 for the special heart pattern and only during February but the artist there Shohreh can do many other patterns. The process involves only the first layer of skin so it lasts about a year before it would need to be touched up. Apparently there's no side effects as far as bruising or bleeding with this process--just a very fun token of your affection wherever you choose to show it!

They have couples services if you want to get pampered together with their Couples Chocolate Body Delight and Chocolate Massage plus their Signature Hot Stone Massage for couples.

At Parma Spa in Vienna, VA you can celebrate Valentine's day with your partner, friend, mother or sister. Their 2 for 1 special through 2/14 lets you get 2 services for the price of 1 when you bring someone with you. It includes Microdermabrasion, Massage and Facial and they'll let you mix and match. Check Hot Deals on for special prices.

Atlantis Medical Wellness Center will have a beauty services super sale on 2/14 and you can call or stop buy to buy some fabulous specials to use at a later time. $9 per unit Botox as well as some amazing deals on Juvederm, Artefill and Hydrelle plus SmartLipo and the hCG Weight Loss Protocol. It will be a way to show some love to yourself if you've wanted to make some improvements!

There are tons of special deals on haircuts, Brazillian wax, mani/pedis and every treatment you might want to look and feel special for the most romantic holiday of the year. Just check the list at to find exactly what you're looking for. your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Brazilian Keratin Means No More Frizz!

Nobody likes the frizzies! Between the humidity of Washington summers and the wet snow we're getting plenty of this winter a bottle of smoothing or anti-frizz lotion may not be enough. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment which has only been around for about 3 years is highly endorsed by women who have been waging the frizz battle and I saw a real difference in a friend's hair who gets it done about every 3 months. It's very different from traditional relaxing and straightening treatments I discovered after checking in with local stylist Chanel Mizani of LifeSpa & Salon in Rockville, MD.

Q: Can you tell us about your training as a hair stylist?
A: I was one of the founding students at Paul Mitchell the School in Tysons Corner VA, where they focused on trendy cuts, vivid colors, and runway style. We were privileged enough to be trained by famous platform artists such as Brennan Claybaugh, Donald Scott, and George Morales.

We were trained in all hair types, textures, and conditions and were taught specialty services like keratin fusion extensions and lock extensions.

I've worked in 5 previous salons before joining LifeSpa's team and over the past 4 years have taken continuing education classes in Wella/Magma coloring formulations and application techniques, Redken color and application, Gahram Webb cutting, Bumble and Bumble product knowledge, Sebastian products, Kerastase products, Cibu products, Paul Mitchell branding, and have done numerous fashion shows and wedding parties.

I was trained and certified in Brazilian Keratin Treatment through Marcia Teixeira, the original developers of this revolutionary technology.

Q: We're hearing a lot about the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment what exactly is it?
A: It was introduced to the United States in 2006 by Marcia Teixeira who developed the product as a solution to her hair challenges. Relaxers were always too damaging and harsh on her hair, and for years she was seeking a safe alternative. She was inspired by hair treatments she discovered while traveling in Brazil.

The concept behind this procedure is that unlike chemical straighteners and relaxers, this process doesn’t involve breaking down the hair and restructuring it. Because the product shares the same pH as the hair itself, it does not compromise the hair's integrity, nor does it swell the hair shaft making it weaken its strength and elasticity. By choosing Brazilian Keratin over a relaxing/straightening procedure, you are are not at risk of breaking or damaging your hair (if applied by a properly trained and certified technician).

Q: Who is a good candidate for it--do things like previous straightening treatments or color treated hair make a difference?
A: Anyone can have this treatment done! It is a universal product and can be used safely on any hair type, including hair that is dry, over-processed, ethnic, color treated, or frizzy. No previous hair conditions will effect your eligibility to use this treatment for your hair needs, whether you're looking to loosening your curl, smooth frizz, or repair damaged hair texture.

Q: How does someone care for their hair after receiving the treatment to get the optimal results?
A: There are several Do's and Don'ts recommended by Marcia Teixeira to maintain long lasting results. I suppose for most people, the most difficult of these care instructions is that you cannot wash or bend the hair for 4 days after the application. This may seem unpleasant, but is an imperative step in the success of the treatment. With that being said, any other recommended procedures may seem quite easeful, such as using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to prevent break down of the keratin.

Q: How long do the results last?
A: As with anything else, every one's hair takes the treatment differently. In most cases, if maintained properly, the treatment should last around 3 months. Once the treatment begins to wear off, the hair will revert back to it's natural wave pattern. I've had clients that have very unmanageable hair and use the treatment to make their hair easy to style on a daily basis. Initially they thought they wouldn't repeat the service after the product wears off, but soon after their texture returns, they realize they can't wait to get it done again!

Q: Are your clients happy with the treatment? Do you think it's better or more effective than other straightening or relaxing treatments?
A: It wouldn't be a fair assessment to compare the Brazilian Keratin Treatment to a relaxer or other straightening systems.. Unlike a relaxer, the Brazilian does not use any chemicals to change the hair's structure. It works like a deep conditioning treatment would, where you infuse proteins, keratin, and moisturizers into the hair which causes it to eliminate frizz and smooth the hair out. Because this process doesn't change the hair composition, the hair is only effected by the product remaining on the cuticle.

Relaxers and straighteners, aside from damaging and breaking the hair, also leave and indication of new growth (so if you start getting relaxers, you must continue with touch-ups so your hair doesn't grow out with different textures).

The keratin treatment eventually wears off and returns your hair back to its original state without any indication of regrowth. If you chose to use the keratin treatment to repair over processed or damaged hair (verses as a smoothing solution) the hair will continue to maintain a rejuvenated feel and texture even after the treatment has worn off.

The results I have seen are unbelievable. I personally am very impressed with the success of each treatment. Our clients can't tell us enough how excited they are to not have to worry about styling their unruly hair as they did in the past. I can't wait to have it done myself!

Q: What does it cost?
A: This treatment must be done very thoroughly and can be a lengthy process. Because of all of the work and time, the cost respectively ranges between $350-$600 in the DC area. To have the service done at LifeSpa will cost our clients $400. The client may also spend up to $50 dollars purchasing products to maintain the effects of the treatment. Although, this may seem like a steep investment, it can be compared to the costs associated with getting relaxers on a regular basis to control regrowth.

Life Spa & Salon
1151 Seven Locks Road
Rockville, Maryland 20854
Ph. 240-599-2924 your local resource for specials on beauty services as well as the latest information on beauty, health and fitness with a local twist.