Sunday, May 15, 2011

Singapore Fashion Festival: Day 2 & Erdem

I spent Saturday lunchtime scarfing up paneer masala dosa in Little India, and nosing around a boutique hotel (more of this later), before spending the afternoon comatose. I am not adapting at all well to jet lag, waking at 4am every morning and sleeping in the afternoons. On the upside I get a lot of work done whilst London is closed & my email is silent.
Managing to crawl from my bed at 6pm to dress for Erdem’s show, the second night highlight of the festival, I headed to Orchard. Of course I had already seen the collection in London but this time, in a front row seat so close I could practically touch the clothes, I got to really concentrate on the exquisite workmanship, exacting cut and deliriously beautiful prints (all of which are designed by Erdem himself).
And it wasn’t just me raving afterwards: the Asian journalists were spellbound too, justfying the decision to bring Erdem over to show here.
IMG_0012 IMG_0002
And then to the St Regis-hosted private after-dinner for Erdem, where the floral designers had created a garden fantasy to evoke Erdem’s blissful prints:
IMG_0027 IMG_0031
And then home to my hotel around midnight before jetlag caused me to pass out in public.

Singapore Fashion Festival: Day one & Missoni AW11

I’m out here in Singapore until next Saturday to cover the three events which make up Asia Fashion Exchange: the WGSN Asia Fashion Summit, trade fair Blueprint (which is open to the public for two days in the manner of London Fashion Weekend) and the Audi Fashion Festival.
The Fashion Festival, under the creative direction of my friend the inimitable fashion critic Colin McDowell, serves to showcase extraordinary fashion from around the world. To that end the Missoni family were invited to open the Festival, with their stunning AW11 collection (shown recently in Milan), for what would be their first ever runway show outside of Italy.
I arrived very early on Friday morning after a 13hr flight from London and, after a swim & breakfast, took to my bed for a few hours before the press conference at the St Regis where the Missonis — Angela, Vittorio & Margherita fielded somewhat bizarre questions from the assorted press. I then did more sleeping before doing some advanced grooming to try to try to hide the black undereye circles & humidity flat hair and headed to the Tent @ Orchard for the 7pm Missoni show.
I was labouring under the illusion that Singaporean efficiency would trump fashion world timekeeping, but it was kind of refreshing to discover that fashion shows start late the world over, but eventually we were dragged away from the Belvedere vodka and into the tent.
Here’s me before the show in Erdem (and attempting to hide the eye circles by working a Princess Diana under the eyelashes look) with the lovely Tracy Philips, owner of one of Singapore’s hottest design stores (& attached cafĂ©) A Curious Teepee, and so connected that she draws photographers in her wake like moths/flame. She took me under her wing, for which I was most grateful. (Thanks hon!)
And here’s Mr McDowell charming the audience with the Missoni family after the show.
Then it was off to dinner at Jing, a Chinese restaurant bang opposite the Marina Bay Sands building of bizarre-ness. The location was splendid, the food so-so.


I recently received the second photo back from my shoot last January with Harmony Nicolas. I love it, Harmony is incredible! You can't tell how hot it was during shooting either, phew! No sweat moustaches here!
I decided to call it 'The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune' know..skulls...Hamlet and all..whatever.

Photography/editing: Harmony Nicholas
Wardrobe: Tentacle Threads
Model/Hair/Make up: Myself!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Latest Bangladeshi fashion items

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Photos

Hey everyone!

Heres some new shots i've just gotten back from my shoot with Robert Coppa for Saccharine Desolation latex.
They make the most beautiful latex dresses, you should check them out!
Credits are as follows:

Model/MUA/Horns: Below Dark Water (myself)
Photographer: Robert Coppa
Hair: Sheryn O'Connor
Latex: Saccharine Desolation