Friday, September 30, 2011

Let Animals Dance on Your Fingers

A beautiful and fashionable cocktail dress will definitely attract all attention. However, according to your personality and own taste, the unique and outstanding jewelry will add a touch of style and fashion to your outfit. Today, I will share some eye-catching jewelry with you. The lovely and well-made animal cocktail ring is one of the important accessories. It makes a fashionable statement with your gorgeous cocktail dress. No matter what dress you choose, a multi colored wired outfit or a common black dress, an animal ring will append a label of elegance and glamour to your appearance.

Actually, it is very important to choose a perfect ring to finish your look because it is your secret weapon to shock everyone else. It will enhance your confidence in your demeanor. To any fashion fan, animal rings are the most popular and must-have ones. Name everything you want, a slithering snake or a naughty monkey, a princess frog or a sweet pink elephant? We almost have a whole collection of funny and lovely animal rings. You will obtain ideas from all the animal ones for the parties, wedding function and any other events.

I know someone who likes animals but can’t bear the troubles they cause. I think these animal rings, to some degree, will meet their demands to show their love for animals. Although they are jewelry after all, yet the pleasure they bring to us is immeasurable. Do you like those lovely and cute animal rings? I have a Panthe ring. It is very cool.

Classic Boy Chanel Bags Collection

It is very common to see the quilted 2.55 or different versions of that bag. We are likely to forget that Chanel is a very changeable brand. Its young lines are versatile and fashionable.

Gabrielle Bonhuer “Coco” Chanel first opened a small shop to sell women’s hats in 1910. After that, this brand suddenly swept the whole world by its famous Little Black Dress and Tweed Suit. Their perfume brand “No 5” was established in 1921. Gabrielle Bonhuer brought a new theory into fashion world at that time. The theory is the way you wear clothes is more important than the clothes themselves. She pursued the natural, simple but classical beauty by the basic elements. Unfortunately, this genuine talent died on January 10, 1971. However, her death didn’t stop the development of this brand. Karl Lagerfeld was named as the Artistic Director of Coco Chanel in 1983. He led Chanel to keep moving.

It has become the most popular brand in fashion world. Until now, Chanel has won plenty of faithful fans thanks to its high-quality and luxury products like sunglasses, jewelry, watches and shoes. This brand launched a Boy Chanel bags collection which impresses me a lot. Although their high prices are out of my reach, I still couldn’t help thinking about them. The designer used Coco’s love: Boy Capel to name this collection which came in three sizes. Available in red, black, white, these bags with clean lines are really Chanel. Do you like those gorgeous and beautiful bags?

Begin to Change Yourself from the Head

Not only you, but also we thought that the across-the-forehead headband has been kicked out by the fashion trend. However, recently many celebrities sporting them in public show that this trend, whether you love it or hate it, just concealed itself in winter and come back this summer.
At Jameson Empire Film Awards in London 2011, Lily Cole made use of a chunky silver one to create a sense of beauty of the medieval era. This braided headband makes a contrast with the model’s dark skin. Marina Diamandis, known as Marina and the Diamonds, really caught passerby’s attention on the streets of London. The flower garland which was inspired by the hippy element adds a girly touch and femininity to the tough clothes.

Wearing an ankle-length maxi dress and a pair of overlarge sunglasses, Paris Hilton also chooses a gold headband. The actress in Skins, Dakota Blue Richards, worn a headband decorated with white rosettes a little bit higher in her hair at the premiere of Anuvahood. She looked pretty and lovely.

Are you ready to go out and have a try? Do you want to create a new look with a beautiful and chic headband? Here are some selects, beaded headbands, metallic headbands and flowered headbands which like the ones on the stars.

The first is River Island multi flower Headband. The second is Deepa Gurnani ornamental beaded headband. Next is Juicy Couture Bungee and Disc headband. The following is Forever 21 beaded braid headband. Finally is Full Tilt crochet flower headband.
Start to change yourself from the head.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stubborn Fat Is History With Zeltiq

It's so unfair! Your alarm goes off every morning at 5am so you can hit the gym before work, you carefully watch every morsel that goes into your mouth, and yet you still have those saddle bags or a muffin top that undermine your confidence in clothes and a bathing suit.

Most of us would prefer to not have to go under the knife no matter how much we hate those areas of stubborn fat, so we certainly welcome a cool change that has arrived on the beauty scene.

It's called CoolSculpting by Zeltiq and The Dermatology Center in Rockville and Germantown (with a new location opening soon that you'll read about at the end of this blog!) is offering the procedure.

Denise West, Cosmetic Consultant for the practice and their companion Rockledge Medspa, answered's question about the procedure and shares her own experience:

Q: What is Zeltiq and when was it introduced?

A: Zeltiq was founded by a group of Harvard Scientist’s and the FDA approved it in September 2010. It is a unique, patented, clinically proven procedure that involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. There’s no knife. No suction hoses. No needles. No lasers, even. After your treatment, you get on with your busy day.

Q: Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

A: The best candidates for the Zeltiq CoolSculpting procedure are people near their ideal body weight who eat well and exercise regularly and have pockets of fat that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle. They are seeking long-lasting spot reduction for this specific area of fat, but they are not considering a surgical procedure with its inherent expense, downtime, and safety risks.

Q: What happens during a treatment? Does it hurt or cause discomfort? Any downtime?

A: Zeltiq gently cools unwanted fat cells in the body through a process called Cryolipolysis to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. There is no pain or discomfort caused with the procedure. At the beginning of the procedure you will feel a firm tug or pulling sensation along with some intense cold. This soon dissipates and you are free to read a book, work on your laptop or even take a nap. Zeltiq is a completely non-invasive procedure and you may return to your normal routine immediately after receiving treatment. Some patients experience some mild redness, bruising, tingling or numbness in the treated area, but this is very temporary.

Q: When will someone see results and how many treatments are suggested?

A: On average, each Zeltiq procedure results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated area, and patients can start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients. Typically you will see a reduction of fat after only one treatment.

Q: Have there been success stories by people who have had the treatment?

A: Yes there have been many myself included as I was treated two months ago and no longer feel self-conscious in a bathing suit!

Q: What is approx cost of treatments?

A: The cost ranges from approximately $700.-$1400. per treatment area We also offer discounted package prices which our available through a complimentary consultation! The skinny is Zeltiq is a cool solution to stubborn fat that requires no surgery and no down time! So no need to wait any longer cool that fat away today! Contact us at 301-968-1200 or email to talk to our cosmetic coordinator about Zeltiq.

Q: I understand you have some exciting news about The Dermatology Center?

A: We have a new office opening in DC! Our new location opens October 15th 2011. It will be located near Sibley Hospital on Loughboro Road, NW. See our website for more details- . This location will offer medical and cosmetic dermatology in an upscale and convenient location. is your local resource for information and deals on beauty services in the Washington Metro area.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 Things Guys Wish That Girls Knew

It is always fun for teenage girls to talk about guys with the sexiest smile, coolest body, nice and groovy hairs and the perfect ones in every way! We girls never know what guys think about us, they may not tell us what they want but they feel a lot of thing and wish girls to know them!
So here we have this interesting post about the top 10 things I think guys wish that girls knew!


When you like some guy, just tell him!
Because guys don’t like when you try to be flirty at first and then try to ignore, thinking that they’ll come after you is a totally bad perception. All they want is that smile and you being nice to them, because that totally takes their heart away!


Guys look for the right girl
Girls do not rush for boys to like you immediately!  They need time and space to find the best in you because they look for the perfect girl!


Guys don’t like girl’s wearing SEXY clothes all time
Always balance your dressing with a little graceful and sexiness! Don’t try to be Christina Aguilera all the time by showing skin. Be reasonable and graceful.


They like the way you are
Never talk to guys over and over again that if you look fat or not! Guys get annoyed by this question! They never like your insecurities about your body just stay cool and presentable! They’ll love you more!


Don’t get mad without any reason
There is a time for girls in a “MONTH” where they act totally weird! And they get offended on any small issue without caring it is guys fault or not. Guys hate that time! They think that you are pained but what is their fault! Face whatever you got! It is your hormones! Face the LIFE!


Guys like compliments
Boys never talk about their appearance loud, but they care about their hair, skin, and weight and clothes a lot! Like how they look in front of you. It really matters to them when you compliment them on their dressing, hairs or skin. They really take notice of that.


Guys hate the detail talk!
If a guy does something wrong, he will feel ashamed when he is told once! When you mention the the thing over and over again! He will be surely pissed!


Don’t disturb them when they are watching Football
Guys don’t like when they are disturbed in the middle of game, just try to look after their interest and they will love it, they will surely know that you love them.


Guys hate makeup all the time!
A little make up does make your guy happy, but not all of that! Guys like you more when you are without it, because it shows the real self of you. Even some guys are like “I HATE THAT BLACK CRAP ON HER EYE ALL THE TIME!” they hate the make up all the time.


Never Hate GAMES
Try to develop your interest in their Electronic games or if you don’t have any interest then try not to get annoyed by them! They love it and cannot leave them!

10 Best Tips on How to Impress a Girl

When you find that specific and particular girl, you always want to impress her but scared of getting her offended. But guys it is 21st century and most of the guys find it really hard to impress a girl, and when that girl is the one you want; you always end up in having your shaking legs and speechless mouth.
There are ways to impress a girl that will make the girl want you more and notice you more. And it is Valentine’s Day coming too, hurry up and read the post below, the tips guys need to impress girls are here!

1.    Make a cool appearance
It is very necessary to make a cool and neat appearance of you whenever you go in front of that girl. It will look great to her and of course yourself.
2.    Never Show off
Girls actually hate the show off thing; don’t ever put a fake appearance or something that you are not. Be yourself and do your best. That will surely impress girls.
3.    Respect and Admiration
Always respect and admire the girl, because girls love when you admire them, treat her with kindness.

4.    Meaningful talk
While talking to her don’t discuss controversial issues and don’t talk endlessly. Especially discuss things that have her interest and surely will catch your attention.
5.    Take interest in her interests
Listen carefully to whatever girls says or in which she has interest. Respond to the talking quickly and throw back the questions to her to make her keep talking about that subject.
6.    Compliment
Compliment her on her eyes, attire, hairs, looks and talking style, don’t talk about how hot figure she has. Girls love it when they are complimented on the looks or other features.

7.    Respect her friends
When it comes to colleagues and friends, girls are very possessive about them, either you like them or not try to become the good guy that respects her friends.

8.    Politeness
Always try to act politely and have the best behavior, because these two things can make you a perfect guy.
9.    Humor
Be humorous sometimes, because girls love the humor factor about guys, crack jokes but only then when it is required otherwise try to take things seriously.

10.    Be a good listener
Be the one who can give a shoulder to her when she is sad, as girls are always emotional so make her laugh with your jokes sometimes and listen to her always.

10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas

Your home is the only peaceful place you find peace and relaxation in and your living room is the only room that is mostly used room as compared to others, you sleep there while watching TV, you can read newspaper near the fireplace while your kids solving some puzzle nearby, you are having your breakfast while watching TV, you have a slumber party with your friends and all of your friends are cuddled up in the same couch and many more
So this place should be styled and designed in such a manner that every time you enter that room and you get relaxed. The nature of your life should be depicted in whatever theme you like. If you are a young woman full of colors obviously you will want your living room to be shocking and soothing at the same time, so obviously you will choose colors that will refresh you all over.
Today’s life is the busiest life, everyone has a busy schedule, you wake up in the morning and get ready for your work and when you come back you have to be a proper, fresh and active wife, mother or a daughter to fulfill your remaining activities with 100% output. Obviously there is a little time to relax and do stuff for your own self and there you have a living room with a lovely window to relax in winters or a fire place nearby, to take a nap you have comfortable couch which is not only stylish but decorated well enough to make you feel alive again after the nap.
So people here we have the list of top 10 living room design ideas of different themes so you can take a little help from these to set your own room.
2011 living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
colorful living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
details living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
party living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
round living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
small apartment living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
spacious living room 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
sweedish living room design 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
white and black livingroom 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas
wooden living room 10 Cool Living Room Design Ideas

10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas

When it comes to designing the girl’s room, it is always difficult to find the fresh color that suits their personality better, Mostly girls love pink color allover in the room and most girls love barbie theme colors like light blue, light purple shades for their rooms but one color is not enough to design room and give unique looks, There must be a contrast of cool colors to make your room look better
This post will show you 10 unique girl bedroom design ideas with mixed colors to give you an idea how just various colors can change looks if chosen wisely, Lets have a look at pics below
3D Teen Room by FEG A1 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
dec den girls room1 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
giessegi rooms for boys and girls 27 554x2961 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
girls 3 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
Girls Bedroom and Living room1 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
girls room 000 500x333 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
modern girl bedroom 041 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
tenage girls bedroom1 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
trendy teen bedroom1 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas
zalf teen room furniture design in yellow1 10 Unique Girl Bedrooms Design Ideas